Why the Pussy Church?

We come together to form a congregation of adherents to our female born, lesbian-feminist-based religions beliefs and traditions. We intend to serve our adherents through worship, service, and sistership with our congregants. We intend to accomplish the growth and continued strengthening of our congregation. The beneficiaries of our accomplishments are the adherents to our religious beliefs – Women and Girls. We will achieve our purpose through regular worship and service with our congregants and with other Women and Girls who may wish to become congregants.

Why is the Pussy Church for women and girls only?

Women are oppressed globally on the basis of our biological sex. Gender is a mechanism of women’s oppression globally. At Pussy Church, we serve Women and Girls and our emotional and spiritual needs. We cannot serve these needs in the presence of men, as men as a class are the cause of the harm that women experience globally. All groups have the right to associate freely as they see fit. As a religious organization, Pussy Church is also protected under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution permitting free exercise of religion as well as the Maryland Declaration of Rights, which provides that all persons are equally entitled to protection in their religious liberty.

How do you define “woman” and “girl”?

A woman is an adult female human. A girl is a minor female human. The Pussy Church serves Women and Girls only. Males are not permitted to participate, regardless of how they identify. We expressly reject the concepts of gender identity, transgenderism, and gender as being meaningful to defining what a Woman or Girl is.

How can I get involved?

All Women and Girls are welcome to join Pussy Church as congregants. We also need women who can serve Pussy Church in growing and strengthening our congregation. If you are able to offer your time, skills, money, or other resources in support of Pussy Church, please contact us.

How can I become a member?

We’ll have more info on membership soon.