Moving in autumn, medicine of Nettle

As I sit watching the natural world around me I am reminded of the medicine of autumn.

The harvest of life, fed by the sun all summer, coming to it’s cycle of death. Nourishing my body in it’s constant giving.

I see life pulling back from it’s shoots, branches, leaves, moving deeper into its core, root systems held by our Mother.

It reminds me of my core, my inner landscapes. How am I nourishing my inner stillness, my divinity?  Where am I rooted of need grounding?  Who is nourishing me, inspiring my divine creation? What is lying in the darkness of early sun sets, what am I avoiding or holding that I can release?

Something that nourishes me is harvesting the plants I live amongst before long winter grey.  One of my favorites is nettle. Stinging nettle is such a beautiful plant. If you don’t touch it properly you will be stung. You must handle her with care and precision talking or singing to her lovingly. She is a superfood and can keep you from fatigue, help circulation and boost overall health and well being for winter.

My favorite is teas, infusions and even smoothies.  For winter, infusions offer a stronger dose of her potent leaves to help keep you vibrant.

An infusion:

In a quart jar: fill half way with nettle leaves, lightly packed, pour boiling water to the top, cover and let sit at least 4 hours. I do this at night and let sit overnight and drink in the morning and throughout the day.  Nettle is an earthy taste, you can add mint or honey to change taste.

Nettle is abundant here in the NW and considered a weed. I have learned most weeds are a superfood. Dandelion, thistle, nettle, all super foods, that people have tried to eradicate. All plants I love to see in my yard.  Consider what “weeds” are around you? Have you seen the dandelion growing out of concrete? Such is the power of Nature.

Abundant green blessings.

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