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Divination with Pendulum

A pendulum is one of my favorite divination tools. I’ve used mine to determine the energy of plants and where they want to be planted in the garden (yes, they do answer) and to contact the spirits of people who have passed through the veil into the Otherworld to get answers for their loved ones. I use it pretty regularly to get answers to small and large questions concerning family, finances, and work.

Choosing a pendulum:

You can make a pendulum from something as simple as a rock with a hole in it and a piece of string or thread, or you can purchase one from a store with any number of polished stones, crystals, or other materials attached to cord or chain. I’ve even used a necklace with a pendant, and many witches of old used a woman’s wedding ring on a string or chain to divine the sex of her unborn baby. The weight needs to be significant enough to swing easily, and the cord, string, or chain needs to be flexible enough to allow movement.

I’ve been in shops with pendulums on display, and I will hold my hand near the display and simply ask silently if any one of the pendulums wants to work with me. Sometimes I have had as many as 5 begin to swing, and sometimes none do. The pendulum I use most often is one that practically jumped off the rack into my hand when I asked my question. I honored that bond, and I have had excellent divination with it ever since.

Connecting with Pendulum Energy:

Hold the end of the string or chain in your dominant hand with the weight dangling over the palm of your non-dominant hand. If you’re ambidextrous, go with what feels best. Close your eyes and think “Show me YES” clearly and strongly at least 3 times. Open your eyes and observe the movement of the pendulum. Stop the movement with your bottom hand. Close your eyes and think “Show me NO” in the same clear, strong fashion. Open your eyes and note the movement of the pendulum. The movements for Yes and No should be very clearly different. Stop the movement again, and close your eyes. Think “Show me UNCLEAR” 3 times. Open your eyes and note what the pendulum is doing.

Now you are ready to ask your pendulum questions to help you lean into the unseen. Keep your questions simple, direct, and answerable with YES or NO. I find it helpful to start with smaller questions that build on themselves to get a larger picture of the subject for which I’m seeking answers.

One thing I have noticed is that my pendulum tends to get “tired” after a number of questions. The movements become less definite and are slower to begin. Usually, I take this to mean that it’s time to be done and live in the mystery of unknowing for a while. Sometimes, I will take a few minutes to rest and allow my thoughts to become clear, and then I will try again. If the movement of the pendulum is still uncertain, I know it’s time to stop. If the movement is stronger after the rest than before, I will ask a few more questions, and then stop. Much of how this works is a combination of intuition and practicality, so your experience may be different.

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  1. Hi Sisters

    I follow you on Insta under “my kingdom for a throne”. I noticed yesterday that “translife inclusive” started randomly following me. My Insta is for people with Crohns Disease, and it’s about toilets, so unsurprisingly I only have about 50 followers. It has nothing to do with feminism etc, so I assume they have picked my name up from my following your page. I assume it’s TRAs doing something creepy and weird. I’m going to block them as I don’t want anything TRA related having any access to anything of mine as they are notorious doxxers. I just wanted to let you know in case they are doing this to other women following the page.

    Yours in sisterhood


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