Sister Lilithsdottir

Elemental Magick

Elemental magick has 2 meanings. One refers to connecting with the energy of the elements of the world around us: Air, Fire, Water, Earth and the fifth element of Spirit which we bring to each encounter. The second meaning refers to the magickal beings who are manifestations of these elements and who can be asked for assistance in spell-work and may help to increase the power (or send things askew if they are pissed off). I’m going to focus on the first definition and talk more about working with the energetic elements.

As mentioned above, the elements that witches invoke most often are Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. These correspond to the 4 directions and are most often asked to be present in a circle casting at the beginning of a ritual or spell. Air is the energy of the East; Fire – the energy of the South; Water – the energy of the West; and Earth is the energy of the North. Spirit is what binds these elements together and forms the sacred pentacle or 5-pointed star.


The elements can lend their energies as a collective or you can work with one in particular.

The energy of Air is used for inspiration, creativity, thinking and planning, Springtime, organizing, dreams, communicating with ancestors or others not physically present, connecting with air creatures (birds, butterflies, etc.) and conversations or public speaking.

The energy of Fire also used for inspiration but with an intention for action instead of a more “daydreamy” quality like Air. Fire denotes transformation, impulse, passion, Summer, excitement, destruction, awakening, major shifts, coziness, purification, heat, and comfort.

The energy of Water can also be accessed for transformation as when a solid is dissolved in a liquid and they become something new. Water brings energy for cleansing, refreshment, shifts, rearrangement, finding the path of least resistance, renewal, purification, Autumn, the ebb and flow of life, connection to ancestors, the path/river of life, and learning to dive deeply into something.

Earth energy also goes deep. Earth energy connects us to animals and plants, to growing things, rock, clay (and sculpting), cliffs, mud, solidity, rest, coldness, metal, Winter, darkness, and the energetic cauldron from which all life energy flows and to which it returns after the death of the body.

Spirit energy is the part we bring as embodied sparks of Divine energy. It is our place to hold onto the energies we invoke and work with them (which is not to say control them) to bring about the change we desire while we hold the knowledge that the Universe has a larger scope than we do, and things don’t always turn out in the exact way we imagine them. We have to be willing to live in the Mystery of the Divine and trust that we have a lot of influence, but we don’t always have the final say in the outcome of our spells.

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