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Connecting With, Raising, and Grounding Energy

Connecting with energy and raising it to use in your spells or intention-setting isn’t nearly as daunting as it might seem. Our nerves use bursts of electric energy to help fire our muscles and bodily functions all the time. We know how being in certain areas makes us feel a hum or buzz inside or on our skin. The magick comes in when we use the power of our attention and intention to move the energy that we feel, and that takes practice.

When I have taught this in the past, I have had several womyn tell me, “Oh, I do this all the time, I just didn’t know that’s what it was called.” And, I am always pleased to tell them they are exactly right. We DO energy work all the time—it’s part of our human biology. And, womyn have a spiritual lineage of working with energy to shift the world we live in. All I do is re-mind you of what you already know.

Part of the re-mind-ing is to learn to turn down the conscious mind and tune into our unconscious awareness. We do this when we ground our energy in the Earth and slow down the chattering of the planning and doing part of our brains. (Check out my guided meditation in an earlier post, if you need help with this.)

Once you feel calm and centered, you can practice playing with your energy by rubbing the palms of your hands together. When they are warm and feel tingly, stop rubbing and gently separate them. It might be helpful to do this with your eyes closed initially, so you can focus on the sensation of swirling energy. You also won’t be inclined to wear your judgment hat about how far apart you get your hands before you stop feeling the energy.

As you separate your hands, focus on the sensation you get between your palms. Can you sense a ball or bundle of energy there? Can you pulse your hands together without touching and feel the “squish” of the energy? Play with this sensation as long as you wish. You can recharge the energy if you want by rubbing your hands together again, but you might not need to.

When you set an intention or goal for yourself, you start the energetic ball rolling toward fulfilling that intention. However, you can add “juice” to the momentum by raising energy and adding it to your intention. This is the basis of spell-work or prayer. One way to do this is to have an object that represents your intention or goal, hold it in your hands or place it on an altar while you raise the energy through rubbing your hands together, breathing and chanting/toning, playing music and dancing/moving, or drumming. There are many other ways you can raise energy, as well. For today, though, I want to keep things fairly simple.

As you feel the energy rise within and around you (this can feel like bubbles inside, a tingle on your skin, a jumpiness in your belly, or juiciness in your pussy), imagine that you are pouring or infusing this energy into the object that you are using to represent your desire or intention. Do this for several minutes or until you feel you’ve reached a plateau of energy. Once energy has been raised, it must be used and released or it will bounce around in chaotic confusion. When you feel the energy start to level off, take one more deep breath and blow it onto your object, and then hum or sway softly as the energy wanes.

It is important to re-ground yourself after raising and using energy so you can be fully present in your daily life. Sit or lie down and breathe for a while. Eat something nourishing to body and spirit: nuts, dried fruit, chocolate, bread and honey or jam are good options. A larger meal can come later. Stay in the space until you feel more settled and able to go on with your day, or if at night, head off to bed. The object can be placed on your altar or in another noticeable place so that whenever you see it you are reminded of your intention and know that the Goddess is working with you.

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