Sister Sage Skillet

We know we are Love

In April of last year, we quietly formed our church. We took this action not as a gimmick, not to obtain attention, but to forge bonds with our sisters in a way that feels healing and powerful to us. We are guided by a trustee board of compassionate, passionate, determined women. Our church’s sole intent is to love and nurture women into becoming their, and our, best selves.

We are building the Pussy Church of Modern Witchcraft out of this sheer love for women, and a desire to create the future we want to see in the world. The energy we hold and carry protects us from harsh criticisms. I extend blessings to you women who have hate in your hearts towards other women- I cannot relate but I wish you healing.

There is no force being applied for any Sisters to join us, participation in our church and faith is strictly voluntary. If you feel the love we are vibing, please join us. If you don’t feel it, that’s okay, but we ask for your respect in understanding that we are acting out of good intent and on behalf of women and girls. There is room for us all to act accordingly. There is space for you to create your own religion honoring and loving women in a way you see fit. As for me and my Sisters, we will continue to gather in our circles making magick.

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