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Grounding Energy Practice

In my last post I talked about building an altar and, once done with the creation, spending some time with it and grounding your energy in order to open up to the flow of Divine Energy. Here are a few ways to ground your energy. If you’re unused to this, it may take a bit of practice to get comfortable, just like with any new thing. After a few times, though, you’ll find it gets easier and faster. Feeling grounded is a vital part of self-care in the ebb and flow of our day-to-day lives. It’s so easy to get pulled off-center by the news, family concerns, friend drama, health issues, and other aspects of living in our world. Womyn are incredibly powerful, but we can feel scattered and unsure of ourselves when we don’t remember where we stand and how we’re connected to the Earth’s vitality.


Simple grounding out of doors

            Stand or sit on grass or leaves or dirt. If it’s wet or muddy or you just want to use a cloth or tarp to protect your clothes, that’s fine. If you are unable to sit on the ground comfortably, and standing isn’t easy either, you can find a place to sit—a rock or tree work well, and if you have a chair with you, that’ll do as long as your feet can touch the ground.

            Get your butt comfortable, and adjust your body as needed. Take a breath and start to tune into the world around you. What do you smell? What sounds are present? Let your eyes close or soften your focus. Feel the air on your skin. Keep breathing. Feel the ground beneath you. Imagine that you have roots sinking down from your body into the Earth. Breathe again. Imagine how good it feels to be a plant or tree with roots that give and receive from Gaia. As you feel your energy sink down into your imaginary roots, notice if your breathing or anything else about your body changes. Imagine your roots are pulling up energy from the Earth and that you are sending your energy down into the Earth via your roots. Stay like this as long as you wish, but I suggest at least 5 minutes to let the busy mind-chatter die down. To disengage, imagine your roots are retracting up back into your body. Take a few breaths to re-enter the space you’re in before you get up.


Simple grounding inside

            Choose a place to sit or lie down: floor, cushion, chair or couch, or even your bed. Take a deep breath. Allow your body to sink into the surface that is holding you. Imagine that you have roots pushing through the place where you are sitting or lying, down through the floor (however many floors are between you and the Earth), and through the foundation of the building. Breathe your roots into the Earth. As your imaginary roots extend, notice any changes in your breathing or body tension. Imagine that your roots are pulling energy up from the Earth and that you are sending your energy down into the Earth. Stay like this until you feel clear. To disengage, imagine your roots retracting up into your body. Take a few more breaths to be present where you are before you get up.


Optional additions

  • Sit against a tree and imagine your roots entwining with the tree’s roots
  • If the Earth where you are feels unstable, you can imagine yourself grounding to the moon or a place on Earth that feels more stable.
  • Hold a rock, acorn, or seed in your hand or both hands
  • Dig your feet or toes into the dirt
  • Imagine you are a burrowing insect, worm, or animal


I’ll be posting a couple guided meditations for grounding practices in the next couple of weeks. If you have any questions, email me at


2 thoughts on “Grounding Energy Practice”

  1. Love this. It’s beneficial to periodically place your bare feet on the ground, on tree roots or a rock outcropping, while doing your meditations.
    Thank you.


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