Sister Dandelion

Zenith: We are all Witches

I walked into the witch supply store and the Lesbians smiled. Isis spread her wings dazzled feathers in my hair and I rocked there glowing, red calcite in my hands, a cradle a basket. The band played on, the customers and their songs the varied tones of a capella octaves I rocked silent. I buzzed and throbbed. I crowned my forehead Vision.

Amber waves of grain are in my blood, I was born into it but this! This the witch the switch I’ve beat I’ve flipped I’ve leaped from field to city green and here I stand at Zenith. The braids and suedes of energy. I’m no fool I’m sweet with vibes I drink the tides I am of Earth. Earth Mother. She’s cast in clay enclosed in glass I wear her name I break the cast of fathergod and power sergeant I crumple towers like aluminum cans.

I can

because I’m Goddess. This mystery of herstory is crashing through the doors but silent. It’s in our DNA. I touch it when I play, when I poem this and poem that and squeeze the grass in elegiac praise and tunnel my way earthward. Earthworm, cornfields, office parks the Goddess lives in all. I’m picking up her call. Not fear-cramped, no more. I’m  LEAPING! The moon the moods the views move through me I am synergy because I hear Her. I hear Her,

She is Me.


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