Sister Sage Skillet

The place of enchantment


I do not understand how anyone can live without some place of enchantment to turn to. Do you remember what the magick in your bones feels like? We all hold it, hibernating in our marrow. Mostly, the world told us it was too much.

“Shrink your magick, you take up too much space.”

But I want to grow my magick, I want to illuminate.

Do you remember? The magick that radiates out to every cell when you lay it all down and open your arms to the sky and yell, “I AM WHOLE!” Can you remember? Can you pull it back out of where it hides for safety- never wanting to be tucked away, but hiding for refuge from the cruelty it was met with? I want to celebrate your magick with you. I want you to let it pour out of you like sunshine onto a hot sidewalk. Feel the warmth of your magick press hard into the souls of your feet and fill you up with a heat that can only rise.

Turn towards the place of enchantment.

I would like to make note about the intentional use of the word magick. Magic denotes a an entertainment spectacle, an illusion, a theatrical display. Magick is the charge of energy, creation, manifestation, and calling into being through one’s own power.

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