Sister Dandelion

Recipe for a Naming

Sisters, we welcome you to the Pussy Church of Modern Witchcraft.

PUSSY as in Tiger, as Jaguar. As Lion, Fiercest Feline Female: mother, sister, daughter, hunter. She Who Provides. She Who Protects. Cat-Women WILD and FREE!

PUSSY for purrrr, for plucked out of the ethers and birthed through an unfolding rose, the Perfect Pussy out of which each and every human being emerged. Undulating folds of pink, red, plum, brown, and all of her many slants and shadings! Watermark, moon-touched, Pussy flowers as magnified, worshipfully, through the brilliant unflinching gaze of Sister Georgia O’Keeffe, nectar we long for, we women-loving-women, we Pussy lovers, we flaming tongues and hands. Sacred yoni, sacred source, Goddess Pussy! Giver of Life and Love! What is more worthy of our adoration and praise?! PRAISE BE the Pussy, let Her sing and be sung through our lips!

We circle, we spiral within and around the sanctuary of CHURCH. A space, a grove, a cave, an ark marked as WHOLLY HOLY FEMALE. We gather in light, in dark, sun and moon and ocean. We gather in kitchens and living rooms and rented apartments and city parks. We women, kneeling for no man, stand proud-rooted and powerful, as goddesses, as manifestations of THE GODDESS--may our words and deeds be ever imbued with wholeness, holiness, messily human and blessedly alive! We honor the Blood Mysteries as portals between layers of the living rose of creation, linkage between lives and deaths. We HOWL! We CROON! We SCREAM and RAGE and YELL! We weep with bitterness and grief. We BELLY-LAUGH, bare-breasted and proud, completely devoid of shame. We DANCE and BRAID and PRAY! We Nourish. We Nourish. We Nourish. We sing and speak and tend the web of creation. We crones! We Amazons! We daughters and mothers, lovers and sisters! We witches!

MODERN is now, not post, not pre, but PRESENT. What is needed HERE, and NOW. Wise Women know that each woman, each moment, each unfolding is unique. The Wise Woman asks WHAT needs Nourishment NOW, and HOW?

WITCHCRAFT, Craft of the Wise, Wise Women, traditions passed down through our foremothers, stored in our female mitochondria, from mother to mother, daughter to daughter, our living liturgy. The work of HEALING, mending, wildcrafting. The magickal art of Sacred Relationship: Herbs, green allies, sisters furred and feathered, finned and fiddling. The moon, the tides, the winds. The weeds, the waters, the stars. WEAVING the world, keepers of dream and vision, WiseWoman seers, WiseWoman listening. We are the MAKERS, CREATORS, MIDWIVES, daughters of The Goddess.

PUSSY as Tiger, as Jaguar. As Lion, Fiercest Feline Female: mother, sister, daughter, hunter. She Who Provides. She Who Protects. Cat-Women WILD and FREE…


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4 thoughts on “Recipe for a Naming”

    1. And yes oh yes all yonis are worthy of praise and worship. Blessed be! We are so happy you have joined us here, FeistyAmazon!


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