Solidarity: A Radical Feminist Conference

Solidarity: A Radical Feminist Conference

We are proud to organize Solidarity: A Radical Feminist Conference.

Please like our Event Page and RSVP to our Event.

Please also submit your workshop ideas by submitting a Solidarity Conference Proposal Form to by January 31, 2019.


8 thoughts on “Solidarity: A Radical Feminist Conference”

  1. Love love love this, and the nsme. Since I worship the Yoni of my chouce, including my own, am a Witch and love the sea!!!

    I would do Amazon and Yoni honoring workshops involving Goddess/ womyns ritual, rites of passage, movement ( martial arts and shamanic dance)and empowerment.


  2. I am very saddened that your organization only accepts biological women. Isn’t this a part of the general bigotry you seem to be fighting against?


    1. I would point out that saying “biological women” as you have accurately done is considered bigotry. Women are being vilified and silenced in regard to our own bodies. Does that seem right to you?


  3. Thank you so much for this. It gives me hope for the future seeing womxxn being spiritual on their own level for themselves. I feel free…. Ish knowing theres actually a church for my sisters and i that doesnt hurt us or enable the patriarchy. I noticed in your podcast for the feministcurrent that you were open to basically all religions which is called Unity. However i wish it kinda wasnt. Is there no way you can combine the different aspects? Or resurrect an old goddess?


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